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MSc project: Teaching Security in the Higher Syllabus

Aim:This project aims to investigate the security currently taught in the higher syllabus (if any) and will look for the most effective way to expand on this teaching.
This will be achieved by developing a content delivery solution and security related content for the teaching of higher students in security and security testing.
Method: Using focus groups and prototyping, feedback will be gathered from both educators and school pupils in what they would like to see, and what mix of content and method of delivery would allow them to learn best.
Existing work will be examined, and lessons learned to drive the project.
The project is being run from
You will be told by your teacher when there is new content available for you to use.
Abertay asks me to inform you of the following:
The subjects will be provided with a written / oral explanation of the project. - this document.
The subjects will be asked to complete a consent form. Consent is below.
The subjects will be advised that they may not benefit from this study. - You will hopefully gain some knowledge!
It will be made clear to the research subjects that they can withdraw from this study at any time.
The subjects will be offered a guarantee of confidentiality? Yes all data only shared with the researcher.
The subjects will be offered a guarantee of anonymity? login can be anonymous.
The Data Protection Act will be adhered to? Yes no personal data is being stored, answers will be destroyed at conclusion of the project.
The subjects will be advised on any potential health and safety risks involved in taking part in this study? Please ensure that you adhere to good ergonomic practices when using a computer.
The subjects will be provided with contact details of a member of the research team? or
You will indicate to your subjects how and when they will hear the outcome of this research? Paper will be published on at project completion.

Your participation:
You will be asked to particiapte by answering an initial survey on your views on security.
You will then be asked to work through material provided to you on security related topics.
During the material, or at the end of a module you will be asked to do either a quiz or survey to check your knowledge after working through the material
This is not an assessment, there is no value gained to you from it - it is merely to assess whether your knowledge has improved or not.
Please note that you are helping the researcher to evaluate a new system. You are not being tested it is the system that is being tested.
There are therefore no right or wrong answers to the questions you will be asked.
Again, Your participation in this study is voluntary and you can leave the study at any time without penalty or giving reasons.
No undue risk arises from the participation in this study.
All the information which you give the researcher will be stored safely and kept separate from information about your identity.
Access to your data is minimised to the people involved in this research.
If information about you is used for publications or presentation, we will ensure that no reference to your identity is made.

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